We will help you to find NEW IDEAS and FORMULATIONS

BDN  has been working on the food industry innovation since 1991.
We offer R&D services, technical training, consultancy and new technologies.


With a large background of the sector needs, we gathered our talent and know-how with the goal to offer our services to companies interested in saving time and costs in processes such as: new project development, absorbing a peak of work into the R&D department, saving the fixed expense of an entire department, outsourcing it, having the best access to new technologies, networking and pilot plants

Would you like to have a team at your disposal to advise you with legislation, labeling and other issues?

Do you want to develop a new product or are you looking for some help to resolve a problem in your formulation or production process?

 Do you want to endow your sales team with a technical viewing of different sectors in the food industry?

There is no unimportant client