R+D and innovation

For most of the food industries it is not easy to do industrial trials in their facilities.

Sometimes, it is necessary to use your own workers, machinery and resources, what complicates the usual production.

In BDN we have facilities adapted  as a pilot plant where you can make, into similar industry conditions, some samples of product as a prototypes to test your idea, new project, ingredient or additive application.

The service and facilities in BDN will offer you:

  • You can test your idea before implementing an industrial process and study its viability.
  • You will have the possibility  to make some applications trials of your ingredient or additive without much raw material needs
  • You will not use your own facilities, so you will not interrupt your production.
  • You can do a test battery of different formulations in order to evaluate different results and help you to take a decision.
  • You will be able to compare the functionality of ingredients from different providers

Because your improving is our engine, we are always learning and updating our facilities to meet our client’s needs.

Do you want to develop a new product?

If you have any idea about any product you want to develop, we can do it for you. We will develop a new formulation to meet your needs, taking into account the technology and resources available at your facilities. We will also advise you in the search and validation of ingredients and providers. We will constantly monitor and adjust the development process

Are you looking for some help to resolve any formulation or process problem?

Sometimes you need some adjustments in your formulation due to any reasons that you don’t really control. Little changes in the ingredients or process can provoke big disadjustments in the production line.

Do you need a technical benchmarking of any ingredient or additive?

By means of our own equipment and formulation resources, we can elaborate different food prototypes adding that ingredient or additive whose functionality you would like to compare. We perform different studies which reflect the virtues of your product compared to your competition’s (benchmark study) or the one you want to substitute with your own current formulation.

Do you have any further question about our services?

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