Technical training

Technical training helps companies to increase their competitiveness and productivity, developing the skills and qualifications of their workers and enhancing their continuous learning.

At BDN we have a highly experienced technical team providing training in food technology for companies, university and postgraduate students, public organizations and entities related to the food sector.

At BDN we adapt the training to the needs of the client, both in terms of content and duration of the courses.

We offer a face-to-face system in our facilities or in those of the client, with the possibility of carrying out practical demonstrations of the acquired knowledge. The training is complemented by abundant audiovisual material.

Most demanded topics:

  • Food additives (preservatives, emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, colorants, antioxidants…)
  • Technological ingredients (meat and vegetable protein, starches, fibers, fats…)
  • How to  modify the food texture (gellings, thickeners, foamers, emulsifiers…
  • How can your modify the texture behavior
  • Food preservative methods (physical and chemical methods) 
  • Food labelling (legislation (regulatory)  and allergens)
  • Different kind of industrial food processes (meat industry, fish industry, dairy industry, bakery, precooked…)
  • Food coating, prefried products

Courses background


Grado CTA (UB) 2005 – Up to date *

Grado GCCG (UB-CETT) 2016 – Up to date *

Máster Desarrollo e Innovación de Alimentos (UB) 2007 – Up to date *

Máster Metabolismo (URV) 2013 – Up to date

Máster Seguridad Alimentaria (UCM) 2009 – Up to date

Máster Industria Alimentaria CESIF 2009 – Up to date

Diploma de Especialización en Alimentación y Nutrición Aplicada (Escuela Nacional de Sanidad) 2008-2015

Máster de Calidad de Medicamentos, Cosméticos y Alimentos (UB) 2010-2011 *

Máster en Tecnología y Gestión de la Calidad en Industrias Agroalimentarias (ESDEN) 2009

Postgrado en Aromas y Fragancias (UPC) 2017 – Up to date

* UB partnered professors

– Pictures from the training to Ferran Adrià and El Bulli’s team


As total or partial authors

Química y bioquímica de los alimentos II (UB)

Tecnología de alimentos – Aditivos alimentarios

Modificando la textura de los alimentos – Manual de uso de los hidrocoloides

As collaborators or reviewers

A chef’s guide to gelling, thickening and emulsifying agents (Alicia Foundation)

Chocolate (Ramón Morató)

¿Are you interested in hydrocolloids and their behaviour and application into food formulation?

BDN offers customized technology trainings about how textures behaviours can be modified or how to use thickeners and gellings, such as alginate, carrageenan, guar gum, carob gum, arabic gum, tara gum, pectines, modified cellulose, konjac, native and modified starches, etc. which ones are better to be used in hot or cold conditions, as well as synergies between them, dosage to use, texture results after applications, etc.

Do you want to endow your team with a technical viewing about the different sectors in the food industry?

Several companies have already trusted in BDN’s capacities to endow their sales team with a technical and practical viewing in the different sectors in the food industry, achieving a better technical vocabulary and improving the communication with their potential clients

Do you have any further question about our services?

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