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Hannibal –

In BDN we not only develop new ideas and formulations, but we also help our clients with new product designs, regarding ingredients, processes and control. We are a team in constant training and update regarding the innovative products in the food industry.
We know all the advantages and disadvantages of the different producing methods, their limitations and their possibilities. For this reason we will advise you about which manufacturing process suits better each product, as well as help you to select the best equipment and production line to meet the needs of your product.

BDN Ingeniería de Alimentación belongs to Grupo Quimidroga

Projects and Patents

We develop and take part in different kind of projects. We have a large project development background in different food sectors

Facilities and technology

We have first rate facilities and technologies at your disposal.

Strategical partners

Social commitment

We cooperate with Espigoladors association as a technical consultants.

Espigoladors is a non-profit association whose goal is to fight against food waste. At the same time Espigoladors endows people at risk of social exclusion helping them in a transformative, participatory and inclusive way.