Consulting service and assistance

From BDN we offer a consulting service and a continued assistance follow-up. We work side by side with the client’s technical department. We can also act as your own technical department solving questions about food technology, visiting your clients and offering the possibility to use our facilities to do trials of different applications.

Some business departments such as Accountancy, Marketing or HHRR, have some external help (outsourcing) to ease their workload. Likewise BDN offers the same possibility to R&D food departments.

We adapt to your needs with the possibility to work with a fix monthly fee.

Do you generate any kind of waste which you think it might provide an added value, and you don’t know where to start with?

In food industry there are some wastes resulting from different steps which may become a new raw material with the right manipulation, for instance: eggshells or fish broth from tinned food…  In BDN we can study turn your waste into something profitable.

Would you like to have a team who helps you with legislation, labeling and any other technological issues, or even with your research projects?

With BDN you will be able to count on an external support from a technical team who will help you to solve any doubt which may come up the R&D department.  From technological issues about what is the most suitable dosage of any additive or ingredient, to how to classify a new product according to its trade category in order to know the legal additives you are allowed to use following the right regulations, as well as its correct labeling.

If HHRR and Accountancy departments can outsource their consultancies,  why not to do likewise with the R&D departments in the food industry?

Do you have any further question about our services?

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