Projects and patents

Examples of developments


Application of meat proteins (collagen)
Use of plastics and casings
Meat emulsions
Meat products based on turkey
Injection for FOOD SERVICE
Fish “meat like” products
Use of alternative preservatives
Sausages and fish burgers
Use of Transglutaminase
Use of lemon fiber in meat products
Revaluable cooking broths
Fishing bait
Fish and meat analogs


Preparation of croquettes
Battering and breading methods
Breaded analogs and structured meat
Pasteurized meals as fiish with sauce
Mixes for “Shake-in-bag”
Vacuum cooking and pasteurization
Development of fried doughs: churros and fritters
Application of textured soy proteins
Vegetable products coated and pre-fried
Squid rings analogues
Application of Maillard reaction promoters
Microwaveable battering and breading


Synergies between different stabilizers
Application of fibers in different systems
Use of sucrose esters as emulsifiers
Application of collagen hydrolysates
Application of WPC in the meat industry
Formulation of complete preparations
Evaluation of tara gum skills
Application of natural antioxidants
Uses and application of liquid smoke
Evaluation of new preservatives
Study of applications for different gelling agents
Substitution of dyes with natural colors


Formulation of instant pastry creams
Development of liquid and powder preparations
Conservation of bakery products
Formulation of savory mousses in powder
Development of fruit foams
Preparations of microwavable pastries


Study of emulsifiers-stabilizers in ice cream
Application of foaming proteins
Development of enriched infant formulas
Gelled UHT desserts packed in brik
Preparations for mozzarella analogues
Pasteurized vegetable mix
Stabilization of horchatas and vegetable milks
Obtaining special products of whey
Application of fibers in ice cream
Use of alternative proteins to caseinate in ice cream
Use of alternative starches and proteins to caseinate in cheese analogues


Recovery of cooking broths as aromas
Soups, creams and purees in UHT
Formulation of broths for vending machines
Elaboration of traditional sauces for fish
Development of product lines
Sterilized sauces
Preparation of flavored oils
Manufacture of emulsified sauces
Development of sliceable sauces


Improvement of the quality of the pasteurized egg
Exploitation of by-products (eggshells)
Formulation of liquid egg products
Evaluation of preservative methods in liquid egg


Recovery and revaluation of fibers
Obtaining high quality paprika
Packaging of ready-to-use vegetables
Enzymatically separation of onion rings
Inhibition of enzymatic browning
Development of non-meat sausages
Development of savory vegetable products


Development of Pet-Food
Fishing baits
MAP packaging
Profiting of fish by-products
Development of Nutraceutical products
Industrial products in aseptic packaging
Development of flavored salt
Development of ecological products

Developed patents

We have participated as inventors in the following patents

ES2102974 Procedure for obtaining foodstuffs analogous to meat or fishery products and products obtained therefrom
P 200100549 A method to separate the inner membrane from the shell of the egg
P200701811 Improvement of a method to separate the inner membrane from the shell of the egg
WO2016055676 Method of obtaining a healing product and healing product obtained
P 201400885 Electromechanical locking device for plug pins
P 201530630 Edible dinking straw